For over 50 years, Mount Joseph at Waterville has proudly and dignifiedly served the great community of Waterville and its wonderful surrounding communities. If you are looking for Long Term Care in Augusta, look no farther than Mount Joseph.

At Mount Joseph, you are greeted with respect and the upmost care there is to offer any individual. Not just on a medical standpoint but on a personal level as well. We believe that in order to have a successful treatment for a better quality of life that starts from the environment and goes all the way to the people you are surrounded by.

Professional Long Term Care in Augusta

With that being said, the type of people we have here are part of a unique and special class of individuals. They are not only professional and knowledgeable, but they are also trustworthy, warm, compassionate, and just all-around empathetic.

We couldn’t be any prouder of our team members from the administrative department to the medical department, and furthermore our general team members that will interact with you from either the kitchen staff or the housekeeping department.

The Long Term Care in Augusta will without a doubt be a stressful transition for not just you but your family members as well. This is why we have a team of professionals that keep in close contact with family to give them basic and up to date information on your treatments and how you are faring with us at Mount Joseph in general. You and your family need not to worry any longer.

We pride ourselves in the care we provide those that choose to stay with us, whether that be long term or short term. You are all equally important.

With the long term care, we offer at Mount Joseph you will receive the following benefits; quality care in a relaxing, healing environment, skilled nursing care, rehabilitation services for your specific needs (if you are in medical need for treatments), and equal opportunity housing.

This also includes 3 meals per day, light housekeeping and also laundry service. Your meals are prepped to fit your nutritional needs. However, should you find yourself craving a snack throughout the day or night our on-site café is readily available to help those cravings.

A few more perks we offer at Mount Joseph that you may not see at another Long Term Care in Augusta is our beautiful and serene gardens for when you are just looking for peace and quiet, or if you are looking for a quiet place to catch up on some reading, we have designated locations with little to no interruptions.

Long Term Care in Augusta

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It is amazing at how stand-offish people can be when they are in need of long term care. There is nothing to be ashamed of though. Mount Joseph was created to help though who need that extra hand with zero judgement.

We want you to feel as if you are now home and you are able to fully enjoy life without worrying about basic needs that we will handle for you. If you are interested in touring Mount Joseph, please give us a call to schedule the viewing. Our phone number is (207) 873-0705.

Mount Joseph at WatervilleWe can answer questions you may have, offer info on insurance participation and help you to schedule an appointment. Mount Joseph at Waterville participates in Medicaid programs as well. You can also schedule a tour of our full facilities, and meet our staff and residents, via our website or via phone!

Long Term Care in Augusta

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