At Mount Joseph at Waterville, our team is looking forward to serving you and your loved ones. Take a moment to read about our team leaders and then schedule your free tour!

Jennifer Morse | Mount Joseph at Waterville

Jennifer Morse

Business Office Manager

Jen was born and raised in Central Maine. Jen has been working in medical billing and business offices for over 20 years. She specializes in Mainecare and enjoys educating others in long-term care. She is passionate about helping people with financial planning for long-term care and assisted living. Jen lives in Oakland with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys spending time with family and traveling.

Marcio Biasuz | Mount Joseph at Waterville

Marcio Biasuz

Director of Facilities Management

As the Director of Facilities Management, Marcio oversees multiple departments including maintenance, transportation, central supply, housekeeping, and laundry services. He is instrumental in other domains as well, including oversight of building security, grounds management, clinical engineering, preventative maintenance, and capital improvement projects. Marcio plays a key role in developing and maintaining a culture of safety by serving as the Champion of the Safety Committee at Mount Joseph, and is a vital part of the building’s robust infection prevention program, including his N95 Fit Testing Certification issued by NIOSH. Marcio has developed internal systems to track and document the overall operations of physical plant operations in accordance with current federal, state, and local regulations to assure the facility is maintained in a safe and comfortable manner for the residents. Marcio is an active member of the Healthcare Coalition of Maine, a collaborative group that brings partners from all healthcare settings together for continuous improvement in emergency preparedness operations, including full-scale drills coordinated across the community in accordance with FEMA guidelines. In his 25 years of healthcare management, Marcio has led his team through many successful surveys, including most recently a deficiency-free Life Safety Code survey, as well as a deficiency-free Health Inspection, both in June 2023.

Adam Duval 2 | Mount Joseph at Waterville

Adam DuVall

Director of Marketing & Admissions

Prior to his role in Admissions, Adam worked directly with patients in the field of Occupational Therapy for over 10 years. Adam is a graduate of KVCC and the University of Southern Maine, specializing in pulmonary rehab, stroke recovery, and cardiac rehab. He has worked with hospitals all over the state, partnering on committees to improve the admission and discharge processes between hospital and skilled-nursing settings. He strives to develop positive relationships throughout our healthcare system with the ultimate goal of improving the customer experience. Adam enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Justine, and his three children. Adam also enjoys the many outdoor activities that Maine has to offer, as well as building sports cars and motorcycles.